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Office copiers are a critical piece of office technology for most small businesses and thusly buying or leasing an officecopier is a very important decision that impacts your productivity. The office copier you choose allows you to copy originals for files, mass produce marketing materials and create employee documents in large quantities. Which office copier you choose for your lease gets heavy use and impacts every employee in your office. Your specific office copier needs should guide the buying process to ensure you balance out the amount you spend and the features you get in the office copier. Comparing copier prices and features on top rated commercial copier models will help you pinpoint the right office copier to buy or lease for your business. Paper size and speed of a machine have a big influence on price and which makes not overbuying an important goal. Once you have a better understanding of what you need and what office copier prices to expect you can get the lowest five prices from our vetted top rated copier leasing companies and copier dealers by requesting office copier price quotes.

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It can be challenging to know which copier is the right fit for your business. A copy machine that works for one business may not work for another. The budget, print volume, paper types and other advanced functions all play a big part in choosing the right office copier. Also important in the copier leasing contract is service and maintenence of the copier machine your choose. You have to purchase a copier or lease a copier that will increase efficiency and productivity at your office and not complicate everyday tasks of your team. We’ve written this guide to inform you about helpful factors to consider before buying a copier. You can also simply submit a copier price quote request now and speak with our top rated copier dealers and copier leasing companies in your area. We have pricing, models and lease term options ready for you to compare. Our goal is to save you 30-40% off the cost of your office copy machine in minutes.

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Office Copier Price Quotes

Office Copier Prices

For starters, buying an office copier can vary anywhere from $1,800 to $85,000 depending on many factors like color or black and white, volume and speed, features, condition and more. If leasing an office copier makes better sense for your company then the cost will run anywhere from $150 to $950 per month. The leasing cost is greatly affected by copy volume and the contract agreement you have regarding maximum pages per month and services. Send us a request for quotes on office copiers to get the five best prices sent directly to you from our many partners and be sure you pay less.

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The Five Key Factors In Choosing A Copier

Breaking down the expensive decision of choosing an office copier even further we look at the main performance factors to have in mind when it is time to buy or lease. The cost of the actual machine gives you a baseline for comparison among different types of copiers. The cost of maintenance and repairs also affects the budget. Thirdly, estimating your average monthly pages allows you to find an office copier that can handle the volume without frequent toner changes. Flexability like a well priced and efficient multifunction printer may also be an option for a small business because the machine handles copying, printing, scanning and faxing in one. Lastly, an energy-efficient copy machine with the ENERGY STAR® label saves money on energy bills by reducing high energy consumption that must be factored into the cost of ownership for a copier.

What Are The Best Office Copiers in 2024?

As businesses comparing prices on office copiers for sale and look at the best office copiers for lease they are met with endless options, sizes, features and options. A cost efficient choice when leasing an office copier involves buying only what your work requires and not more. Some of the top models in 2024 are the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C7580i II office copier, the Canon imageRUNNER C5560i, the Ricoh MP 2555SP copier, the Kyocera TASK alfa 8052ci, the Xerox AltaLink C8030, the Ricoh MP C4504ex the Sharp MX-M7570 office copy machine and the Sharp MX-M5070 multifunction copier. Compare prices on all these models and more with our best price quotes on copy machines for your office.


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